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Bandeirantes Brazil Joins ENEX

ENEX has signed a Brazilian partner to join its global video news partnership! Bandeirantes Communication Group includes many news, sport, and entertainment channels with expanding digital services.

Covid-19: The ENEX Home Front

ENEX has seen many records broken as our partners cover the pandemic. Like many of your HQs, ENEX’s operations have been converted to remote working with our virtual newsroom occupying kitchens, living rooms, and balconies. In March, a record total number of 1,900 video items were broadcast by ENEX’s 55 global partners.

Olà Lisboa: General Assembly 2019 hosted by SIC

2019’s edition of the ENEX General Assembly was hosted by SIC Portugal in the beautiful city of Lisbon. For the last three meetings, ENEX has been fortunate to have the participating country’s President address the meeting. Lisbon was no exception as Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa spoke to the conference about the many challenges affecting Europe in […]

ENEX moves into Morocco

ENEX is continuing its expansion in the Middle East and North Africa by signing a new partner in Morocco.  MAP is Morocco’s leading news agency which also has plans to launch a full 24-hour news television channel in the near future. MAP has newsgathering offices around the world and extensive links with most West African […]

ENEX signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Parliament in the run-up to next year’s European Elections

ENEX has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Parliament in the run-up to next year’s European Elections [May 23-26, 2019]. With Brexit approaching and volatile politics in many national elections, next spring’s European plebiscite is expected to be one of the most important and hotly contested in recent years. The MOU, signed by […]

ENEX Expands Further in the Middle East

As the Middle East again dominates the news agenda ENEX, has announced a series of further partnerships in the region. The expansion comes in three parts: a major agreement has been reached with a leading pan-Arab news agency to supply content, a new Jordanian television channel joins and, for the first time ever, ENEX will […]

GA 2018 Vilnius: One of the most exciting ENEX General Assemblies

Vilnius turned out to be one of the most exciting and interesting ENEX General Assemblies ever. The conference sessions included: how artificial intelligence is affecting the news industry, digital disruption, fake news, cyber warfare, augmented and virtual reality, oh and a private briefing with the President of Lithuania! Even more revealing was the beautiful city […]

ENEX Goes Far East

ShanghaiEye, part of the Shanghai Media Group (SMG) is joining ENEX in one of the most important expansions in recent years for the organisation. ENEX’s growth plan is now focusing on Asia with China the most significant strategic partner for ENEX in the region.  China’s economic and political influence is obvious and, of course, its […]

ENEX News Cooperation Partners Are Sometimes In Unexpected Locations…

ENEX News cooperation partners are sometimes in unexpected locations: Take Unitel, Bolivia for example, which last week (April 26-27) hosted more than 80 attendees at a gathering of ENEX Latin American partners and ENEX’s sister organisation, the Allianza Informativa Latin Americana (AIL). Headquartered in Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Unitel is Bolivia’s leading commercial television […]

Welcome back to Stod 2 Iceland

ENEX is welcoming back an Icelandic partner to the news alliance. Channel 2 (Stod 2) Iceland is part of Syn, the parent company of Vodafone Iceland, which operates several radio and television stations and one of Iceland’s main digital news sites, visir.is. Channel 2’s Editor in Chief, Thorir Gudmundsson, said, “Rejoining the ENEX partnership is […]