Strong Partners. Strong News.

ENEX  is an association of the world’s leading commercial TV broadcasters.

ENEX members share their news content and their news production resources. ENEX holds permanent satellite capacity for use by members.

40,000 stories per year

At ENEX we believe in the strength of partnerships.

ENEX stories are the stories that are our members create for their own news. They are based on the local insight and expertise that ensures reliability, relevance and exclusivity.

Purchasing cooperative

Satellite capacity is where ENEX strength as a purchasing cooperative comes to life.

We combine the buying power of our members to conclude a large volume permanent satellite contract with prices much lower than each individual member could achieve alone.

Feeling at home in more than 50 countries

Having a local partner in more than 50 countries means that besides equipment and premises, our members can use the connections and knowledge of the local TV channel. Getting interview access or local insight to the news coverage becomes much easier and more reliable.

The latest about ENEX

This year, ENEX moved into its new modern headquarters and it was the first time ENEX has held its annual General Assembly in Dubai with more than 100 delegates, hosted by one of the news cooperative’s newest partners, Al Arabiya.

Check out our video update about what else happened in 2017

Testimonials from ENEX Member Stations